Julien Prat

Research Director at CNRS
and Associate Professor in Economics
at Ecole Polytechnique

Publications & Outlooks

The Economics of Constant Function Market Makers

We use microeconomic theory to describe the inner workings of Constant Function Market Makers (CFMMs). We show that standard results from consumer theory apply in this new context, endowing us with ...

Central Bank Digital Currencies: the Quest for Public Digital Payment Infrastructures

Central Banks provide foundational public infrastructures for payments such as cash and gross settlement systems. In an evolving context, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are efforts to leverage ...

Tokens and Icos : a Review of the Economic Literature

Tokens and ICOs: A review of the Economic Literature, with Andrea Canidio, Vincent Danos and Stefania Marcassa, This article is a part of Principles of Blockchain Systems, Synthesis Lectures on ...

Fundamental Pricing of Utility Tokens

We propose a framework for the fundamental valuation of utility tokens. Our model endogenizes the velocity of circulation of tokens and yields a pricing formula that is fully microfounded. According ...

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