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It brings together researchers in computer science and economics whose research focus on blockchains and associated technologies.

Our mission

The Blockchain & Platform chair combines academic excellence with business & tech leadership to foster blockchain innovation.


The Blockchain@X Research Center is directed by Daniel Augot and Julien Prat. It is composed of researchers and Ph.D. students at the Ecole Poytechnique as well as of associate researchers dedicated to these four areas of expertise :


Discover the publications produced by the researchers
from Blockchain@X research center at Ecole Polytechnique.
Hanna Halaburda

Proceedings of Tokenomics 2021

Tokenomics is an international forum for theory, design, analysis, implementation and applications of blockchains and smart contracts. The goal of the conference is to bring together economists, computer science researchers and practitioners working on blockchains in a unique program featuring outstanding invited talks and academic presentations.

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Optimal Cryptocurrency Design : Seigniorage versus Transaction Fees | Blockchain@X
Michele Fabi

Optimal Cryptocurrency Design: Seigniorage versus Transaction Fees

This paper studies how transaction fees and seigniorage, equivalent to inflation in the cryptocurrency setting, affect miner incentives and trade congestion. Each cryptocurrency miner chooses how many new transactions to group into the next block of transactions that the miner competes to validate. The successful miner earns (i) transaction fees…

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Discover the outlooks produced by the team from the Blockchain@X research center at Ecole Polytechnique.

Daniel Augot

Rollups: a Powerful Scaling Mechanism

One of the major challenges in the world of blockchains is that of scaling up, particularly in terms of throughput, i.e. the number of transactions per second. One way to increase throughput is to use a block validation system other than the one based on proof of work…

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Louis Bertucci

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance is a major innovation trend that is shaking the FinTech world. DeFi refers to a universe of financial applications that rely on blockchain technology to achieve decentralization. In other words, DeFi applications allow their users to perform traditional financial operations…

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We provide a series of courses at the Ecole polytechnique for students and professionals that wish to foster their understanding of DLT and blockchains.


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offered by the Blockchain@X research center at Ecole Polytechnique.
Computer Science


Tokenomics, International Conference on Blockchain Economics, Security and Protocols is an international forum for theory, design, analysis, implementation and applications of blockchains and smart contracts. Original interdisciplinary works exploring the conjunction of economic concerns with distributed systems, networks and system security are particularly encouraged.

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